Government to replace thatched roofs within three years

Kathmandu, 5 Oct

Minister of State for Urban Development, Rambir Manandhar has said the thatched roofs would be displaced from the country within the next three years. The Minister said this in a message of best wishes he gave today on the occasion of the World Habitat Day.

He said arrangements would be made for replacing the thatched roofs with modern roofs at houses of at least 100 thousand families in all the 753 local levels with the aim of bringing happiness in the face of citizens and of making their living easier. Reiterating that the state would fulfill its responsibility of protecting the poor and helpless citizens, the state Minister for Urban Development said the government was committed to providing safe shelter to such indigent citizens and the Act Related to Right to Shelter was already implemented.

He said some obstructions were seen in development due to the coronavirus pandemic, adding that now the country would be taken ahead towards prosperity by keeping safe from it.